Latvian pirts and health festival 2017

In Nākotnes village, Glūdas parish, Jelgavas county

Sound, scent, colour, flavor and a sense journey!

Pirts and health festival – this is an excersise for your body, your spirit and your soul, where lovely welcome is anyone who likes to cocker them selves and who are interested in healthy lifestyle – breathing, sound, eating, sensation, movement and freedom. So good to remind yourself and everyone around you enjoying 3 wonderful days outdoors, because in a whole body lives a fresh and healthy spirit!

The entire festival time :

  • Enjoy luring and the good feeling ambience for three days outdoors
  • In one place meet different bathers, SPA craftsmen and healthy lifestyle knowing people (they will also have their masterclass demostration program)
  • Look and listen different lectures, masterclasses and live music on a big stage (by the program)
  • Get to know diversed and an exploring relaxation for kids
  • Home-made and craftsmen market